Mike Elsass Painting Workshop

Painting Workshop with Mike Elsass


Monday, March 13th:

 Afternoon Meet-Up and Gallery Talk


Tuesday, March 14th:

 Painting Sessions in the Morning, Afternoon and Evening


Wednesday, March 15th:

 Painting Sessions in the Morning and Afternoon with an Evening Resin Session and Bonfire in the Sculpture Garden (weather permitting)


Thursday, March 16th:

 Tour of Tubac, Gallery Presentation of Works with Reception


Learn Mike's techniques for painting on weathered steel.  You will leave this workshop with several finished mixed media pieces on steel and all the magnetic hardware for a professional installation of said pieces.  If signed up for this workshop before December 31, 2022, you can request the size of steel you would like to create.  


$2500 for 4 day workshop at K Newby Gallery.  You will paint outside in a picturesque mesquite bosque.  



It's not about the usual, it's about the unusual. A unique medium, a chemistry on metal, a vibrant and explosive combination of passion, energy, light, color and moments a process set to the music of imagination. Elsass explores the medium by sanding and rusting sheets of metal in search of new and different textures, then applies multiple layers of paint, shiny or opaque finishes. In the aging of the metals and its imperfections, Mike sees a mirror of the human condition. The fast drying quality of the acrylics allows Mike to work with motivation.