Thomas deDecker

A traditional painter of the peaceful lifestyle of the western Indian before 1880, he was born in 1951, in Appleton, Wisconsin and from 1975, lived in Redmond, Washington. He currently resides in Tombstone, Arizona. Before attending college, he was primarily interested in archaeology and anthropology, but was inspired by a student art show at Brigham Young University where he was enrolled.

deDecker has won numerous local, state and international awards including Artist of the Year and Outstanding Artist by C.M. Russell Museum and is featured in "Artists of Renown". He is a member of "American Royal Western Artists". After college, he traveled throughout the West and then settled in Washington State because of his interest in the Plains tribes. He paints western landscapes in the Hudson River style. He also paints scenes of Native American life and customs.

Tom's landscape oils portray a peace and tranquility of nature, quickly transporting the viewer to a quiet clearing deep in the heart of a panoramic mountain scene to focus on the gathering of wildflowers. The arresting sense of color is revealed in the translucent quality of his water and skies, and an excellent eye for composition is displayed in the depth and movement of the flowers and trees blowing in a soft breeze. Mr. de Decker feels in order for his paintings to be a success, they must not only be a portrayal of what one sees, but also include a mood, a feeling for the scene, giving it atmosphere. One can easily feel he has an inordinate sense and love for nature and people. Primarily a landscape artist, every now and then a figure appears in these spectacular settings, making us envious of them.

Recent exploration into the Romantic landscape of the Hudson River School of Art has lead deDecker to a more sincere and deeper understanding of the master's technique. His soft, gentle landscapes and moody tonal quality have brought to art lovers a revival of an almost faded technique which shows he has been greatly influenced by the French impressionist painters, Monet and Van Gogh and the works of John Singer Sargent.

ARTIST STATEMENT: "I highly prize this god-given talent. I love spending time in nature, and try to reproduce the feeling I receive there onto my canvases. Art is my passion and I love sharing it with those who appreciate art". He feels in order for his paintings to be successful, they must be not only be a portrayal of what one sees, but also include a mood, a feeling for the scene, giving it atmosphere.


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