Theresa Poalucci

Theresa Poalucci

Theresa Poalucci Artist Statement


“I am all about color and big bold brush strokes,” said Theresa Poalucci. “The desert with its wide open spaces inspires me to paint on large canvases and to use colors that reflect the beauty and warmth of the desert.”


Having had a parent who painted, Poalucci is very familiar with the smell of turpentine and the ambiance of smudged paint on the floor. She says her studio is her happy place and reminds her of her mom.


“I like to work with acrylic and flow different combinations of colors onto the canvas. I think color can evoke so many different emotions, depending largely on a color’s brightness, shade, tint or tone and whether it’s cool or warm. I like to see what happens when I add a dissident color to a group that would otherwise be warm, or calming.”


Poalucci says her use of acrylic is due to the fact that a heavy body acrylic can allow for different textures on the canvas, adding a new dimension almost like sculpting, which she also does in her studio.


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