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Roni Bader-Tables

Roni spent her childhood in Wantagh, New York. She attended college in 1971 at SUNY in Geneseo, New York and transferred to University of Miami in Miami, Florida in 1973. After graduation in 1975 with a B.Ed. in special education/elementary education, and certification in early childhood and motor disabilities, she taught young children with disabilities for five years. In 1978, she received her M.S. in Administration and Supervision from Nova University. She then became the administrator in charge of programs for young children with disabilities in the 4th largest school system in the United States, where she remained for the next 31 years. She and her husband, Sandy, have two wonderful children, Justin and Danielle.

Roni spent years honing her art in jewelry design where she studied under some of the top experts in the field.  Her thirst for knowledge is never-ending, always searching to improve.

In 2011, Roni and her husband Sandy moved to Tucson, Arizona to fulfill the dream of living in the mountains and seeing the beauty all around. Her creations embody the dream of living among nature, the mountains, peace and tranquility. 

Artist Statement

As a young child, I was always interested in making and fixing things, which may be traced back to my father’s early years as a diamond setter in New York City’s Diamond Exchange.  When he returned from the war, he turned the skills he used with tiny tools into use with larger tools, as he became an auto mechanic for the rest of his life. His love of tools and natural curiosity about how things worked and how they were made, are definitely part of the fiber that makes me who I am.

I started my career in special education in Miami, Florida, trying to “fix” the children, their families and the system.  During the 36 years in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, I spent 31 years as the Executive Director of the Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities.  Although it was extremely rewarding to see your ideas come to fruition with each new program developed, I needed an outlet to continue to meet the never-ending  challenges.

Eight years ago, looking for a means for relief, I discovered beading, and there my journey began into jewelry design and creations.  The feeling I had while I immersed myself into beads was unlike anything I had experienced. I was able to escape from everything and focus on the design. Beading led to metalsmithing, and the love of tools, once again emerged to a full-blown addiction.

I now see patterns and possibilities in everyday objects.  I love watching solder flow as two pieces of metal become one, or metal move as the hammer drops and forms a new creation. My desire to create a unique piece, that thrills the customer, has kept me moving forward to perfect my skills.

I have been fortunate to have studied under many experts in the field of beading and metalsmithing.  Now I am able to put all my energies, flooded with ideas, into each new project.  The results MUST be breathtaking!

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