Pattie Parkhurst

Pattie Parkhurst

Just as a finely cut stone has many facets, my work in nature-inspired sculpture and jewelry has many dimensions. I was introduced to art and nature at a young age and these two passions continue to inspire my organic and earthy designs.

Through the Colorado Metalsmithing Association (COMA) I learned the anticlastic raising metal technique. This process involves hammering different metal, over and over on an antler like form. By immersing myself in this ancient technique, I combine my love for nature and metalsmithing into cohesive nature inspired metal forms. 

The anticlastic raising techniques fundamentals are based on hyperbolic parabolas and double helix which are abundant in nature, from flowers to smoke to DNA.  The possibilities found in an open field of flowers, or a shadowy path, influence my own styles of jewelry and sculptures. 

My work has taken me beyond the basics to incorporate new techniques in my work. Whether casting, stone setting, or lapidary, all are design aspects that can enhance metalsmithing and bring my imagination to life.  

In every art show, to custom work in exhibits, I communicate love of nature through metal.  I continue to learn and be inspired through my travels, lectures, and residencies. 

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