Margaretta Caesar

Margaretta Caesar

Artist Statement: 

Each painting begins with an inspiration.  I am incredibly fortunate – my inspiration is Nature.  And she’s everywhere!  I still hold in my mind’s eye, the beauty of the western Pennsylvania hills where I grew up.  But now I am surrounded by the beauty of Colorado – her foothills, mountains, plains and CLOUDS!  I also love the stunning beauty of the southwestern deserts, mesas and canyons.   Add to all that the changes in the seasons and I have an unlimited source of inspiration.


I work from photographs taken by my husband.  I under paint all my canvases with paints left over on my paint table.  I usually under paint in reds and earth tones but occasionally use blues, greens and yellows and when those pop through in a painting, it’s a delight.   It’s challenging but critical to allow the under painting colors to come through.  They add depth and light and a subtle outline.   When I paint, I emphasize and enhance Nature’s colors.  I’m not going for realism but expressionism.  I prefer to use large canvases and large brushes.  I want you to see the direction of the brush strokes and the depth of the paint, impasto.


The more I work, the more I learn, the more I try to incorporate the styles of my favorite artists (Victor Higgins, Lynn Rowan Meyers, the Canadian 7 and so many others), the more I realize I have my own voice.  It’s bold, full of expression and joy. 


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