Inna Rohr

Inna Rohr

Born and raised in Estonia, Inna Rohr (b. 1984) is an Estonian-Russian artist who now lives and creates in Arizona. Inna’s primary mediums are oils and watercolors.


Inna delves into a wide range of subjects from figurative work to landscapes, moody interiors, plein air and, at times, whimsical pieces.

In her landscapes - cityscapes in particular- she celebrates everyday beauty, simplicity and the present moment. Her works embrace the mundane, and at times even the unattractive. Inna is especially drawn to nocturnal scapes with their glowing lights, street reflections on those rare rainy days and miles of electrical wires connecting the city like a nervous system in a body. Her true joy is to give the viewer that feeling of falling in love all over again with things and scenes that have become predictable, tired or deemed unlovable.  

In her figurative work, Inna explores our shared humanity: our common experiences of  vulnerability, strength, sexuality, humor, and vices. Female strength is inspirational and often becomes the subject of her work.


With her work Inna strives to encourage authenticity and offer another point of connection between all of us. Inna’s works are in private collections and galleries across the United States and Europe.

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