Curtis Hoard

Curtis Hoard

I attended Wisconsin State University, River Falls and received my Bachelor in Science
in 1965. Following my undergraduate studies, I attended the University of Wisconsin in
Madison, WI, and received a Master in Fine Arts degree in 1967. From 1967 to 2008, I was a
professor of art at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN. I am a Professor Emeritus
and retired to Green Valley, AZ.


I have been making masterworks in clay for over 60 years, and I
am currently focusing on making hand-built, high fire ceramic art.Since the mid 1960’s, I have been working in clay. I continue to engage in the exploration of the expressive possibilities of the material and the myriad technical opportunities presented by
different types of firing, glazing, staining, marking, tearing, smoothing, poking, throwing,
hand-building, slab construction, coil building, mold making, drawing, painting, forming, and
sculpting. Throughout it all, I continue striving to develop and refine a visual language that
respects the traditions of the craft and pushes those traditions in ways that are unique, original,
and new.



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