Christina Spann

Christina Spann

Artist Statemant:

I was raised in the Southwest in a large single-parent family with a lot of ambition and few resources. Exploration of art and movement were a “crazy” daily existence to entertain ourselves. In school, the visual and theatre arts were a natural path and I explored them all, eventually making my way to California and then San Francisco. Here I used my painting, drawing, and leadership skills to make a place for myself. After exhibiting paintings in galleries and teaching, I soon discovered the glass arts, formed a company, and for the next 23 years Lightspann Illumination Design produced decorative hand made glass and metal light fixtures for restaurants, hotels, casinos, and high end residential clients. My design illustration drawings were the primary marketing tools to procuring these projects. The transference of line and form into art-making is natural to me, so after selling Lightspann I returned to that focus. In making fluid and fiery marks, sometimes using nature as a guidepost, my artwork has evolved into abstract emotional expression. It feels musical to me, like jazz; improvising and depicting movement in unexpected directions by layering, erasing, and exposing a composition. This is a multi-sensory physical dialogue with the various art media within my reach, and often feels like I am conducting a symphony. I hold a BFA in Fine Arts Drawing and Painting from Arizona State University and Masters work in Printmaking from UC Santa Barbara. I reside in Tucson, Arizona as of early 2022.

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