Amy Soldin

Amy Soldin

I have always loved many aspects of design. Prior to becoming a jewerly artist, I worked in the technology field designing microchips a very intense, restrictive and precise process. I needed an avenue to express my creativity and allow myself to continue to grow as an artist.  I started with drawing, which has always been a hidden passion, then I discovered the art of jewelry and metal-smith. The way metal move under the process of forging giving it texture and movement was very satisfying.

In my jewelry designs, I enjoy working with texture. The rhythm, movement and harmony are everywhere and bring a kind of uniqueness beauty to my designs. The handmade process is intriguing. Many times your ideas for a piece is never what you finish with. Then I sit back and wonder how did that happen.  When someone wears one of my pieces I feel I have created a statement of who they are. They find meaning in that piece which they enjoy wearing.  Some of my designs have stories that inspired me based on an event that happened or a place that I shared with someone.  Each piece is hand crafted and very seldom duplicated.

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