Paula Wouts-Hanson

The Sentinel - Harris Hawk
Acrylic on Canvas
14 x 11 in
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THE SENTINEL - HARRIS HAWK 11 x 14 inch Acrylic on stretched canvas with a dark walnut brown frame.
In this painting the Harris Hawk is shown in its natural Arizona habitat of the Saguaro cactus desert and mesquite brush lands. This was my 10 week “stay safe at home” during Covid-19 project. It definitely occupied my time!
The Harris Hawk is a medium-large raptor with striking patterned shoulders of rusty orange with black spots. Its black body is contrasted with a white, black then white tipped striped tail. Harris Hawks are cooperative group hunters often working with 3 to 6 members. It is not uncommon for these predators to hunt on the ground and surround their prey.
Harris Hawks are found in the southwest states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Their habitat extends south into Central and South America.

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