Gary Lee Price

Flight Time Boys 15" (2/99)
15 x 14 x 15 in
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We’ve all done it- either been the twirled or the twirler. Remember the rush, the balance, and finally trying to stay upright after the dizziness. I think most of all we remember the laughing and the pure fun as the world continues to spin while we’ve stopped.
Perhaps this is one of our first “air-borne” maneuvers that endows us with that sensation that we really can fly- both in body and in spirit. Maybe we should all regularly get a little “flight time” just to get us off the ground a bit and help remind us to keep the proper perspective on things, to laugh more and have a little more fun!
A note of interest: my son, Isaiah, who was my original model for the “twirler”, is now a pilot flying tours over Lake Powell in southern Utah. He’s always been interested with flight in one form or another. I captured him at age 12 flying his brother- now a decade later he’s flying French tour groups! Wow- life’s continuum!

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