Gary Lee Price

Bookworm 16" (284/999)
16 x 5 x 7 in
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As parents home-schooling our children, we decided to start our academic adventure by taking a field trip to Mount Rushmore. What a great beginning experience. As we continued to work and study with our children, we were fascinated to learn that the most important activity a family could do together was read. Parents reading to their children, children reading to each other…just lots of reading. This was new to me. I grew up reading only for facts, but now I have discovered many new, exciting, open doors which allow me to learn and to dream.

This piece depicts my son, Isaiah, and his thirst for knowledge. Totally enraptured, this young student typifies the total satisfaction we all can find in great books. The young boy’s expression, the stack of books still to be read, and arched form of the ‘Bookworm’ repeats its simple message: Learning is fun! I offer to you, ‘Bookworm’, so you can open the cover and dream.

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