Mark White Kinetic Sculpture

Mark White Artist Background Mark has a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from Southern Illinois University with graduate work in art and sociology.  He has completed post graduate work with sculptors Lincoln Fox and Valentin Okorokov and master patineur, Patrick Kipper. Artist Statement "My creation process is serendipitous, following a certain line of experimentation without clinging to a known hypothesis.  This process guides my art in many directions, including current work with engraved patina paintings as well as wind and water driven kinetic sculptures.  I strive to fill all my work with real and implied movement.  I love learning and am always exploring my artistic boundaries, searching for the path less traveled." Kinetics My experience with kinetic sculptures spans twenty years;  always creating new and innovative designs that harness the wind and weave spellbinding imagery in the air.  These sculptures have a Zen energy that is soothing and delightful to watch.  Each one comes with a disclaimer:  "Extended viewing may cause extreme relaxation and bouts of pleasant daydreaming" Movement is my artistic medium. In 1991 while displaying large kinetic sculptures at the Aspen Art Museum, a storm began bringing with it strong winds. As my sculptures began to respond, a crowd gathered – mesmerized by the rhythmic movements of this art form. That experience fuels my continued fascination and ongoing passion with kinetic art. Mark White HEALTH WARNING: Extended viewing may cause extreme relaxation and bouts of pleasant daydreaming. Developed by the artist after many years of experimentation, each finish is a unique patina that is multi-layered, semi transparent and rich in color. It is applied using a hot process which binds the color to the metal. The sculptures are also available in an all verdigris patina. The finish on these outdoor sculptures is applied in multiple layers and contains the best ultraviolet and corrosion inhibitors available; providing the best possible long term protection. If you choose, an application of wax to your sculpture will help retain the present appearance for as long as possible. Nature is hard on outdoor work. Any finish whether paint, patina or dye will undergo some type of change resulting in an aged appearance over time. One-year warranty on all parts due to defects of materials or workmanship. My sculptures are designed to encourage, facilitate and enhance meditation. Sculptures designed to create a vehicles for contemplation and centering. Sculptures play with optical illusion – rhythm and cadence created by motions of repetitive pattern. Variable, responsive and organic movement – hypnotic in light winds – pulsating in stronger winds. "Wind Ripples 12" intensifies the moiré effect. "Dream Trancer" the artist explores the mandalic characteristics by counter spiraling the elemental forms. "Kaleidoscope" explores the moiré effect. "Wing Rhythms" imitates slow motion wing movement of swans and cranes. "Water Ripples" pattern of movement is similar to ringlets of water crossing each other as they expand. "Dream Weaver" scintillating optical phenomena: shapes that make, then break and finally pop in your peripheral vision. "Arabesque" is a complex design of fluid geometrical patterns. "Jellyfish" the upper dome spinning above the trailing tentacles came from a fascination with how jellyfish might propel through water. "Dream Orb" is a spherical shape with the top and bottom halves counter revolving and creating a variety of shapes including the symbol for infinity. TECHNICAL Sculptures are made with stainless steel structural elements and copper blades. They are precisely balanced to respond to extremely light winds yet strong enough to withstand 100 m.p.h. Maintenance free! Permanently lubricated stainless steel ball bearings and all stainless steel mechanical parts. Sculptures are mounted on powder coated steel poles which are easily installed in the ground or on a deck with the mounting hardware provided.

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