Paula Wouts-Hanson

The Trickster
Acrylic on Canvas
6 x 6 in
"The Trickster" Acrylic on panel 6" x 6" Ravens are often the subject of my paintings. Certainly, I am not the only one who marvels at this extremely intelligent bird. They have been the subject of literature, folklore, mythology and art. Ravens have co-existed with humans for thousands of years with part of their success being that they are omnivores. I have seen them steal eggs from pigeon nests and patiently wait near fast food restaurants for fallen food scraps. They are found across the northern hemisphere with acrobatic flying ability. In Native American Cultures, the Raven is both magical and a trickster. They believe the Raven is able to take on the forms of humans and animals while focusing on satisfying his own gluttony. Yes, they are considered to be a coal black bird but their feathers reflect reds, blues and purples in the sunlight.

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