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Raymond Gibby "Return of the White Buffalo" (11/20)
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Return of The White Buffalo

Legend of the white calf buffalo goes back to when two Lakota hunters were out trying to find food for their tribe. Their attention is captured to the top of this hill where they see this woman coming towards them almost as if she was floating. Both hunters are captivated by her beauty. The two hunters feel compelled to go towards her and seek to understand why she appeared.

As the hunter approach her one of the two hunters begins to have carnal thoughts about her and acts upon his temptation to have her. Instantly he is set asunder and bones fall to the ground where he stood. Her attention is then turned to the other hunter who is stunned by what has just happen. She then speaks to him stating that she knows that his heart is pure and that he should go back to his tribe and prepare. She will then appear to the tribe in 4 days to teach the Lakota people.

When she appears before the tribe she teaches them how to live in harmony with the world around them and with one another that they would prosper again and live in peace. After she teaches this tribe the legend has it that she laid on the ground and rolled four times. Each time she rolled she changed colors as a buffalo: Red, Black, Yellow and then White. When she turned white she transformed into the white calf buffalo. This transformation is to be a sign for all of mankind. Before her return it is said that each white calf buffalo will be a reminder to prepare for her second coming. For mankind to understand that by living in peace and harmony they will embrace this day, and for those who do not will fear that day.

In this sculpture we see the time when she returns to the people of this world. Below the robe we see a crumpling of sort. This is to depict the destruction of the Lakota people during the time when the U.S. Calvary decimated the land. As you look up from there you will see that she is extending out her right arm with the shape of the white buffalo that is symbolic of her holding up all of the nations.

Many cultures talk about the second coming of the messiah. That he will return this world to its once fully abundant and peaceful time. That all of the nations of earth will come together and live in harmony. There are many unique intricacies in this sculpture that tell a story all of its own. The depth and emotion that went into this piece is so vast that one could ponder and discover new stories and origins each time they gaze upon it.

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