Gary Lee Price

Puffed Up Prince (398/999)
5 x 4 x 4 in
Much of my work is characterized by figures of children enraptured in the joys of childhood. Every once in a while it’s a fun challenge to ‘break the mold,’ so to speak, on traditional figure sculpture and create a piece of pure whimsy. I was sitting in the studio one day looking at a recently completed sculpture of a child and a ball. Wondering what type of a creature would lend itself to a spherical shape; I proceeded to add clay to the ball. Coincidentally, a large jumping frog was visiting in the studio. Every time I touched the frog it would enlarge itself with air. Needless to say, I was inspired and my first spherical creature was created; the ‘Puffed up Prince’, followed by ‘Triumphant’ (a rather robust elephant) and the ‘Cool Cat’. My whimsical frog was designed purely to delight you and your guests. He is boasting a regal crown, and whether he’s placed outdoors in your garden, or indoors on a pedestal, it is with absolute nobility that he keeps on eye on things. I offer to you my enchanted yet distinguished frog, ‘Puffed up Prince’, for your absolute enjoyment.

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