Annette Campbell

Necklace - Ancient Roman Glass with Fossilized Walrus Bone AC 314
Sterling Silver
0 x 28 in
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Necklace: 28” necklace of sterling silver, fossilized walrus bone, fossilized walrus tooth slices, braided leather, and ancient Roman glass. This pendant is a unique recycling of ancient elements combined with craftsmanship using sterling silver and leather.

The fossilized walrus both and teeth were unearthed in Alaska. The coloring and textures are natural and developed due to minerals in the soil; no dyes were used.

The blue-teal Roman glass focal point is a stunning piece of 2000 year old history. Its past life began as a household object, perhaps a perfume jar. It was made by a skilled craftsman using sand, alkali, sodium carbonate, metal coloring agents, seaweed and lime. The gorgeous blue in this piece of Roman glass was likely created by the addition of copper and/or iron. Over the years of burial, minerals combined with weather, leading to oxidation, forming added colors and patinas.

Roman glass making was considered a high art form in ancient Roman days. Various metals were used to create colors seen in gemstones. Copper was used to make turquoise coloring, light blue, green or red colors. Cobalt made glass dark blue. Manganese and antimony were used to make the glass yellow, white, and purple. Iron was used to make a light blue, green, brown and black color.

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