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H.R. Kaiser "Aketcheta Warrior" (1/30)
20 x 13 x 10 in
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WINNER OF THE ARROWHEAD AWARD (FACILITY CHOICE AWARD) AND THE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, AMERICAN PLAINS ARTISTS 31ST ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBIT AND SALE 2016 WINNER OF THE HONORARY MENTION, Traces of the West Invitational 2016 WINNER OF THE AWARD OF MERIT, AMERICAN WOMEN ARTIST SPRING 2017 WINNER OF THE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE AWARD 47th National Exhibit 2017 Women Artist of the West The ultimate machismo for a man to distinguish himself as a great warrior was not in killing the enemy but to count coup on a live enemy and retreat without injury. Counting coup meant to strike the enemy with a coup stick, bow or the hand Many accounts of tribal battles relate tales of particularly brave warriors that counted coup on the enemy without killing them. Aadland, Dan. "Chapter 4/The Warrior." Women and Warriors of the Plains: The Pioneer Photography of Julia E. Tuell. Missoula (Mont.): Mountain, 2000. 110. Print.

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