Roger Heitzman

Cosmo 2 (Edition 1)
Kinetic Sculpture
84 x 35 x 35 in
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Cosmo 2 is a striking, active and engaging kinetic wind sculpture, designed to impress any landscape. At 7’ tall, this hand-polished stainless steel kinetic sculpture is made of 24 spinning hemispheres revolving vibrantly on 6 independent axes. The sculpture’s center tube supports its 6 axes where wind-catching cups spin independently from angled stainless steel tubing. Cosmo 2 performs from its securely mounted 48” tall stainless steel pole. Precisely balanced, using fine stainless steel ball bearings, this unique piece reacts to gentle breezes yet withstands intense winds. Engaging and mesmerizing, Cosmo 2 is the perfect focal point for anyone wishing to bring “art in motion” to a landscape. The sculpture is 35” diameter and 44” tall. It is displayed on a 48” tall pole.

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