Inna Rohr

Citrines and Emeralds
Oil on Canvas
30 x 24 in
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Artist Statement: This is the citrus tree from my front yard. I love plein airing and painted this mostly outside and just a few finishing touches in the studio. A painting this size is not done in a day, so I was able to watch the tree get and lose it’s blossoms, shift and change, the fruit ripened and turned , yellower and heavier with time. Painting outside is more about capturing the feeling, in this case the feeling of the tree, rather than depicting every leaf. To me the rich green foliage sprinkled with some bright yellows reminded me of gemstones- emeralds and citrines, dripping and glimmering in the light and I tried to capture that feeling. The tree appeared different every day besides that bare branch on top - the predictable constant in my daily outings to the yard.

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