Inna Rohr

Amethyst Skies
Oil on Canvas
24 x 50 in
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Artist Statement:

When it rains I ask my friends with sunroofs in their cars to drive me around town as I take pictures hanging out of the sunroof. Rain in the face and the whole shebang. Out of hundreds of pics one or two would be inspiring to work with. This one was taken in Tucson, on 22nd street driving west, between Alvernon and Country Club, with the zoo on your right hand side. Most common comment I'd hear from people is “I've been there” - and they don't mean the precise location, but what they “recognize” and connect with is the view- - the point of view of the driver, (which most of us are in the US), looking through a rainy windshield. I reckon that's why these paintings feel so familiar.

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