Deanne McKeown

Pendant - Light and Life Cross (Phos Zos Cross) 9537
Sterling Silver
1.50 x 1.50 in
The Light and Life Cross “Phos is the Greek word for “light” and Zos is Greek for “life”. The Phos Zos cross symbolizes the light and life of Christ. The nature of light is that it cannot help but banish the darkness. This light enables us to see the spiritual truth. The nature of life is the opposite of death. Human life ends, but through Christ, our spiritual life is everlasting.” The Cross Series is a unique project inspired by Byron and Deanne’s love of travel and research. The history of each cross has been carefully researched and the actual piece was created by hand then cast in Silver, Gold, or Bronze. They are designed to be worn as pendants, earrings, and pins, or can be combined as bracelet or necklace collections. The McKeown’s have lived in Sedona for more than thirty years and have owned three galleries featuring their work in various media.

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