Western Art With a Salted Rim and a Quirky Twist of Lime: The art of Michael Goettee

This exhibition will feature a cross-section of 2-D and 3-D mixed media works by popular Atlanta area artist, Michael Goettee. Reflecting his imagination, adventures, and memories, Goettee’s vibrant, sometimes campy, creations often integrate iconography of the American Southwest.

Michael Goettee Angry Red Cloud

Michael Goettee “Angry Red Cloud” Mixed Media 53″x35″

While visiting Bandelier National Monument, the artist learned that the petroglyph symbol for lightning and for a rattlesnake were the same. They both strike with great force and results.

Michael Goettee Cowboy-Voodoo

Michael Goettee  “Cowboy-Voodoo”  Mixed Media  47″ x 31″

Self-promoting my own art often feels like I’ve become a snake oil salesman. The title of my first self portrait cam to mind first. the newspaper clipping on the frame tells his tale. Another southerner heading west. “Max Glitz” was an alter ego name I chose for myself as a fine artist. It’s even been my e-mail name for decades now. Surprisingly I’ve stepped into that alter ego, but not as the dark Dr. Glitz, who’s just another role on the stage.

Michael Goettee Sharp Dresser

Michael Goettee “Sharp Dresser” Acrylic  30″ x 20″

After seeing a single, UN-branched saguaro cactus in Arizona that looked like a sleeve…

Technicolor Coyote: adventures with Michael Goettee