Terry Long Artist bio and philosophy I create body adornments that flow from my enchantment with clay, color, beads and wire. I give my exclusive, one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings the rich warmth and beauty of earth tones, reflecting my complex, multi-phased process. For the sheer joy of it, I began working with clay several years ago. At mid-life, I arrived at a transformative way to express myself. Through experimentation, I conceived new and fascinating avenues of creativity. I find tremendous pleasure in seeing clients discover their own affinity to my pieces. It is my philosophy and experience that the materials of earth, clay and stone give us a sense of groundedness. They nurture us and through them wholeness can be found. The wire wrapping cradles my pieces, and finding the most beautiful way to bring these natural elements together is my passion. I was raised on a farm in South Dakota where I loved the colors and textures of nature. I am a retired child psychologist who taught college and university courses in psychology and education. In addition to creating jewelry, I explore the efficacy of various natural healing modalities. I have two grown daughters and a grandson. I reside in Tucson, Arizona, where I am inspired daily by the colors and textures of earth and sky.