Ring - Dalmatian  MS7
Ring - Dalmatian MS7
Necklace - Aphrodite - Silver & Agate  MS-2
Necklace - Aphrodite - Silver & Agate MS-2
Earrings - Selene - Silver & Agate  MS-5
Earrings - Selene - Silver & Agate MS-5

Michelle Spanyard grew up on a farm in Colorado where she spent her time collecting interesting rocks, picking wildflowers to twist into bracelets and hunting for arrowheads and coins in the pasture. A childhood pastime of searching for treasures developed into a passion for making jewelry. Many of those treasures still inspire her as she works in her Tucson studio. 
Her aesthetically diverse collections are influenced by the stones she hand picks for her designs as well as elements of nature, her love of architectural ornamentation and all things mid-century modern. She has honed her skills under the tutelage of many highly respected silversmiths and artists throughout her career, and continues to explore new techniques to incorporate into her work. 
She has also had the honor of having one of her pieces worn into space by Captain Mark Kelly as he commanded the last mission of the space shuttle Endeavour.