The inspiration for my sculptures comes from a combination of my love and appreciation for fine art and my passion for challenging puzzles. I wanted to create works of art that not only were fun to look at, but that would also be interactive and engaging. The idea of a bronze sculpture that was also a challenging puzzle really appealed to me. I decided to base my works on geometric shapes that could be completely or partially disassembled, depending of the level of difficulty desired. I hope you have as much fun playing with my art as I did creating it.    

-Jeff Caron

Artist’s Biography 

Jeff Caron was born in Provo, Utah and raised in Orem.  He studied Humanities at Ricks College and Utah Valley State College. Jeff’s preferred medium for his art is bronze, and he has worked for fifteen years in fine art casting. He’s currently the production manager at Alchemy Arts located in Springville, Utah. His sculptures have been shown in various galleries in Utah and Arizona.