James G. (Jim) Moore Jim was born in Ft. Collins, CO. He grew up the second child of a family of six to parents who worked hard to expose all of their children to the wonders of the world through regular trips to the mountains, library, museums, church and other places of faith and learning. Jim spent countless hours working with his father in the wood shop and was encouraged to pursue creative endeavors from an early age.

Art was by far Jim's favorite subject throughout his school years. During his years at Loveland High School, Jim was highly influenced by the new boom in sculpting and the sculpture industry in the Loveland, CO area. With the encouragement and backing of his father, Jim produced his first bronze edition titled "Eagle Kachina" when he was just sixteen years old. Upon graduation from high school Jim joined the Navy Reserves, went to boot camp and then entered his freshman year of college at the University of New Mexico. It was here that Jim began to be called into teaching art.

After returning to Colorado Jim met and married his wife Candace. He also worked for a small foundry in Ft. Collins where he learned and improved his skills in all aspects of the bronze casting process. In December of 1990 Jim and his Naval Reserve unit, U.S.S. Midway, were recalled to Iraq in support of Desert Storm. After the war ended Jim traveled the south pacific with his ship and was provided the opportunity to see parts of Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines and Japan. While in these countries Jim was exposed to arts and crafts that have strongly influenced his style. Jim was especially enamored by the huge temple bells and the beautiful and serene Zen gardens of Japan. Upon his return he entered the school of art education at the University of Northern Colorado completing his BA in 1993. Since then he has worked as an art educator in the Greeley Colorado area, earning a M.ED in 2004.

Throughout his teaching career Jim has kept a hand in making art on a professional level. In 2002 he got serious about marketing his sculpture and once more his father Dan stepped in to support the endeavor as the business manager. Beyond his teaching and sculpting Jim is a dedicated family man with a wife and two young girls. He and his family live on acreage on the eastern plains of Colorado where they run a small farmstead complete with horses, cats, dogs, peafowl, chickens, bees and countless varieties of wildlife. He spends a great deal of time in the outdoors, at home and at church with his family. Jim's faith plays a central role in every aspect of his life. It is this environment and the influence of past experience that has elevated Jim's art work to a level of excellence that makes it stand our as unique and inspired.